Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sonny Boyboy has now been modeled, textured, and shaded!

He's wearing is angry face here, but I set him up to have an animatable face.  His brows are normally not angry like this.  They animate on a bone system (once i've created it), so there are infinite possibilities as to what those brows can do, and will be able to smoothly transition between poses.

His eyes and mouth will use a replacement system (set up as a texture atlas), so they'll snap into preset drawings.  Currently he can have 25 different eye/mouth expressions, but if needed that can easily be increased to 100.

I had to use 4 different shaders with 4 textures to get the style to translate exactly.  Normally I would try for 1 or 2 shaders, but he's going to be getting a ton of close up camera time from different angles, so I figured there's other places I can cut corners.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Boy meets Mutant

Action pose! / Style test
I think I messed up the boy's proportions a little.  THIS is why I started doing 3D art in the first place!  No need to redraw the same thing correctly more than once.

When drawing this rendering style, I wanted to stick to principles that could be recreated exactly in 3D, without the need to write custom shaders.  I think I can remake this exact frame within the Unity3D engine.  ...and that actually sounds like exactly what I wanna do next!

I wanted to see if you could avoid using 3D toon lines (as an aesthetic choice, not a technical one).  Kept the lines and shadows the same color so they would bleed into each other.  One of the nice effects to using flat colors.  Hopefully the flat color look will help make it easier to sell the gooeyness of things by allowing meshes and particles to appear connected simply by sharing the same color.

First Sketches

Our Hero: Sonny Boyboy?
Is that a lazy name?  Well, that might end up being his name.
Strainer on his head?  Check.  Pajama oney?  Check.  Kitchen cleaver katana...oh yes

And our first Mutant: Dave.  Definitely calling him Dave.
Also a couple variations featuring metal and wooden armor.  Not sure about the LOD on all that.

Making another game

It's time to start.  Been thinking about this one for a while.  Gotta get it out of my head so I can move forward with my life.

Classic story of boy meets mutants.  Mutants try to eat boy.  Boy becomes ninja