Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sonny Boyboy has now been modeled, textured, and shaded!

He's wearing is angry face here, but I set him up to have an animatable face.  His brows are normally not angry like this.  They animate on a bone system (once i've created it), so there are infinite possibilities as to what those brows can do, and will be able to smoothly transition between poses.

His eyes and mouth will use a replacement system (set up as a texture atlas), so they'll snap into preset drawings.  Currently he can have 25 different eye/mouth expressions, but if needed that can easily be increased to 100.

I had to use 4 different shaders with 4 textures to get the style to translate exactly.  Normally I would try for 1 or 2 shaders, but he's going to be getting a ton of close up camera time from different angles, so I figured there's other places I can cut corners.

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