Monday, March 18, 2013

Boy meets Mutant

Action pose! / Style test
I think I messed up the boy's proportions a little.  THIS is why I started doing 3D art in the first place!  No need to redraw the same thing correctly more than once.

When drawing this rendering style, I wanted to stick to principles that could be recreated exactly in 3D, without the need to write custom shaders.  I think I can remake this exact frame within the Unity3D engine.  ...and that actually sounds like exactly what I wanna do next!

I wanted to see if you could avoid using 3D toon lines (as an aesthetic choice, not a technical one).  Kept the lines and shadows the same color so they would bleed into each other.  One of the nice effects to using flat colors.  Hopefully the flat color look will help make it easier to sell the gooeyness of things by allowing meshes and particles to appear connected simply by sharing the same color.

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